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We Believe In Sonic And The Sonic Dream

Hailing from the birthplace of Sonic in Oklahoma City, President Stuart Carey founded the company based on his passion for the Sonic brand and its unique delivery model in 1998 in Tucson, Arizona. As a 2nd generation Sonic Drive-In franchisee, Stuart Jr. (better known as Stu Jr.) is equally passionate about delivering unique, delicious and delightful experiences to our guests every day. As a locally owned and operated business, we are a people first company! SONIC is not your typical cookie-cutter fast food joint. Sonic is a unique dining experience that pairs the drive-in experience with made-to-order delicious food delivered by friendly, roller-skating carhops.

Our Employees Love Us

And We Love Them Right Back.

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

Strong employee engagement is one of the core values that has made us who we are for over 30 years. We believe that each team member has unique giftings that will truly benefit other team members and most importantly our amazing guests. Whether you aspire to be one of our iconic carhops, an ice cream making whiz or managing partner, our Drive-Ins are the customer-pleasing front lines of career opportunity. Sonic - fast-paced, super fun, and crazy in the very best way. If that’s how you roll, then let’s do this.

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Browse our drive-in locations located in the state of Arizona. Being on the Carey Group Inc. team offers you lots of options and great places to live and work. Our mission is to deliver a unique, delicious, and delightful customer experience. We do this with great employees in great locations.

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